The R.F. Staples Secondary School music program has an impressive history that spans 64 years! Concert band and choir is offered for all students in junior high and high school.

Music Programs:

Junior High School Band

Junior High School Band classes are grade specific options that take place during the regular school day.

Band 7 musicians can try various instruments prior to final instrument selection that needs to happen by mid-September.  With an early focus of learning how to play their instruments, the musicians prepare for their first performance opportunities in December.

Band 8 and 9 musicians are encouraged to continue with their Band 7 instrument, but may try a new instrument with permission from Ms. Shelton. The music is more challenging and the musicians have more opportunities for performance within the community of Westlock.

All Junior High School Band musicians also have opportunities to take part in band camps and field trips throughout the year.

Senior High School Band

Band 10, 11 and 12 is currently offered after school. As a “mass ensemble” band experience (grades 10, 11, &12 together), the musicians unite for instruction and performances as the Thunderbirds Concert Band

Musicians involved in the R.F. Staples Tri-Ensemble have many opportunities for performance in the community. Music parts are assigned according to ability. This challenges the skills of the musicians. The Thunderbirds Concert Band will perform in Westlock and other nearby municipalities. In previous years the band has performed in Edmonton; Calgary; British Columbia; and London, England.


The R.F. Staples choral program is currently offered after school. It is an elective for senior high school students and an extracurricular activity for junior high students. Musicians learn to sing in 2, 3, and 4 part harmonies, both accompanied and acapella. Musicians learn various music styles such as pop, secular, sacred, and contemporary.  The singers perform in Westlock, and tour with the Thunderbirds Concert Band.


The students in R.F. Staples Secondary School music programs perform in

  • School Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Christmas concert
  • Spring concert
  • Community events
  • Other events that come up.

For more details about upcoming performances, please check the calendar of events or contact Ms. Shelton by email at:, or by calling: 780-349-4454.