Jan. 10 – Sr. High

January 10th, 2019

►Any high school students who are interested in competing in the CEMC Math Challenge, please see Mr. Glynn in room 42 during focus.


►*Grade 9-12 students interested in the environment and climate change are invited to attend an all-expense paid youth summit in Canmore this Spring. Please see Mr. St. Denis in Student Services for more information.


►*Here is an update of the RF Staples NHL regular season draft thus far:  In 1st place – Mr. Radke with 1029 points.  In 2nd place – Ruby Kubinec with1002 points.  And in 3rd place is Mr. Blomme with 985 points.  To see all standings anytime, please go to:  Officepools.com and the pool name is:  RFSTAPLES2019 and the password is: Thunder.


ALL WORK EXPERIENCE STUDENTS:  Your completed duotang is due NO LATER THAN JANUARY 18TH.  Please submit your duotang to Mr. Buchko or the office on or before the 18th.


Starting in the second semester, Jan. 31, bringing Tobacco products and Vaping products into the school and on school property is prohibited. items include but is not limited to; cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vapes, and vape juice. Those products will be confiscated and parents or guardians will be asked to pick them up from the office.

Students smoking, vaping, or using chewing tobacco on school property will be suspended.


Ms. Shelton will be hosting an information session about a possible after school jazz band on Tuesday, January 15 in the band room during focus. Students in gr. 8-12 band are eligible to join. If you have been in band in the past or have other experience but wish to join, please come to the meeting and speak with Ms. Shelton. Please sign up for the flex block on powerschool.