Apr. 10 – Jr. High

April 10th, 2019

If you would like to vote for your favourite YRCA book contest held by the public library, Mrs. Nakonechny has the ballots in the RF Staples Library!  Come vote for the book you enjoyed the most!


►There will be a Junior high student council executive meeting today in Room 5 during Focus.


►*Popcorn tasting will take place in the cafeteria on Tuesday, April 16th at noon.


►All Quebec exchange students go to Mr Fagnan’s room for focus.


►*All students – the band room will be closed for focus for the sr. high band meeting.


National Poutine Day is next Thursday, April 11.  Students will have the opportunity to build their own poutine for $5.  Presales will take place on Tuesday in the cafeteria.  All proceeds will go to the Jason Gregor Foundation.


There is a Spring Formal on April 11 from 7 until 9. The dress code is formal. Tickets will be sold for 5 dollars in the street during lunch hours. This dance is only for grade eights and nines, and if you have any questions or concerns, please talk to Mr. Wiks.