Westlock Student Services Modernization Project 2020

We are a group of five past R. F. Staples students, now living in various cities in Canada and the USA who have gathered together to spearhead a project that will positively impact the youth of Westlock and District for years to come. It’s an innovative, exciting, and NEEDED initiative called the Student Wellness Project 2020.  It is a redesign and refurbishment of the hub of mental health support at R. F. Staples school. The need for mental health services within the school and community has grown exponentially, and the school must adapt and evolve to adequately serve those ever increasing numbers. Unfortunately, in tough economic times, there is simply not provincial funding in education for a project of this nature.
We know that these students will one day become adults. These students will be our leaders, our future business owners, our future farmers, they are our futures and with early intervention with counseling, and having these two safe, calming,
distressing spaces in the school it can help change the trajectory of their futures.
Posted on: December 5th, 2019