RF Staples Numeracy Strategy

One of our goals this year at our Junior High School is to improve our student basic math skills. We are are taking the following steps to reach our goal:


  1. We have increased the amount of class time students spend in Math.
  2. Teachers who do not teach math are emphasizing math concepts in their subject areas when possible
  3. We are encouraging our students to do at least 15 minutes of extra math practice everyday.  


We need your help if step #3 is to succeed.


How can you help?


15 minutes of math could be:


  • Practicing basic math facts (eg. multiplication tables)
  • Talking about the math you do at work
  • Having your student do math while they work around the house (eg. doubling recipes, mixing tanks of pesticide, making change)
  • Successmaker


Successmaker is an online math program that will assess your students math skills and then provide them with personalized lessons that will help improve their math skills.  We have purchased a licence for each student in Junior High.


Our goal is to make sure our students are well prepared for high school and post secondary  math programs in the future.


Use: PC: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox
MAC:  Google Chrome, Safari
***NOT compatible with iPads***

Type in: http://successmaker.adlc.ca

He/she can now log into the program using the following:

Username: (1st letter of 1st namelastname)
Password: (first name)

Eg: John Smith
Username: jsmith
Password: john

1.   Assessment is to be done independently
2.   Questions will vary. Make the best guess to questions you don’t know
3.   Once assessment is complete (this may take 5-9 sessions), training automatically begins  
4.   Try to work on the program 3-5 times per week
4.   Once a session has been completed, a ‘Progress Report” will pop up and should be recorded. Keep track of these %’s.
5.   When session is done, click on the ‘X’ in the top right corner
6.   To exit the program, click on “Log Out”

Posted on: October 22nd, 2018