Oct. 28 – Jr. High

October 28th, 2020

►*Until further notice Mrs. Degner’s group will not be meeting.


At RF Staples, students were able to have a locker if they wanted. Students have been asked not to go to their locker in between classes and carry all their morning or afternoon materials with them. If this is not followed, we will follow what other school have done and there will be no locker use at all for students.


This Friday we will now be having a SELFIE Spookybooth. The spooky backdrop will be set up in the comfies area outside the student lounge. Feel free to take some MASKED selfies with your friends during your breaks. Want one of your spooky selfies in the yearbook? Please email your photo file to Mrs. Scallion.


Pembina Hills School Divison released these four items to all schools to implement

  • Furniture in corridors and common areas invite students to gather. Sadly, this also increases risk of transmission because students from different cohorts may mingle. Also, the furniture is probably not being disinfected between uses.  To resolve this, the maintenance team will remove the furniture from your common areas.
  • Tables in the cafeterias will be equipped with spray bottles. Please begin to train students to spray surfaces after use… “Spray the table and chairs, and then push in your chairs”.
  • Bleachers in gymnasiums need to be roped off so that they are no longer used.
  • Please work with your staff and students to analyze how students ‘hang around’ areas of the school together. Look for opportunities to reduce mingling of cohorts.