Nov. 25 – Jr. High

November 25th, 2021

Cast and crew of Big, Bad Musical –t-shirts are in! Bring your $10 to the office and pick yours up.


Junior high will having a dance on  Dec 17from  1:00 pm to 3:20pm . Dress is formal.


►*Get your 2021-2022 Hardcover Yearbook now while they are only $50. After Christmas the price goes up.


Try outs for basketball will be next week, see the schedule outside the gym.


Mrs. Stevens will be running intramural dance next week junior high will be nov. 30 and dec 3rd. High school will be Dec 2, 7, & 10th that’s if they can keep up…. Staff are welcome to join in!!


They say exercise is the best medicine for depression and mental health concerns.  The weight room is free to use after school it is open Monday through Thursday for a hour and anyone can join just meet upstairs in the small gym. Starting today there will be a push up/pull up/ and sit up contest. If you want to enter, talk to the teacher supervising and see if you can beat the record. Last day to compete it Dec 16. The categories are males/females/ and staff.


Ms. Vranas is starting up an after school theatre program. If you are interested in joining, meet in the theatre after school on Monday. No experience needed. All are welcome.