Nov. 21 – Jr. High

November 21st, 2022

►Mrs. Buchko is missing a novel called “The Inheritance Games”. If you have it in your possession please let her know. It has Buchko written on the top if you see it.


►*Last day to enter RF Staples Student’s Secret Santa is this Friday.  Please see Mr. Buchko to enter!


►*The standings for the RF Staples NHL Draft are:

In first place Ty White, in second place is Robby Dranchuk and in third place is Carter Rennie.  For the staff, in first place is Mrs. Gasse!  These will be updated every Monday.



►*The following students still have volleyball team photos to pick up:


Rylan Thue

Alex Despaul

Logan St. Louis

Victoria Brett

Tianna Kohlsmith

Jacob MacGillivray