May 17 – Jr. High

May 17th, 2019

►*There will be an Italy Spring Break 2020 Meeting in Mr. Pidsadowski’s room today during Focus for students grades 9-11


►Congratulations to the following class champions from yesterday’s school trackment

Adaptive – Preston Bruens

Junior Boys –  Gabe Rose

Junior Girls – Addison Hoglander

Intermediate Boys – Kale Meinzinger

Intermediate Girls – Ruby Kubiniec

Senior Boys – Ty White and Justin Meston

Senior Girls – Heidi Huppertz


►Class champions come to the main gym at focus for a group photo


►There will be a track and field meeting Tuesday at noon in the main gym for  those that placed in the top 4 at our school trackmeet.


►PHRD trackmeet is next Friday May 24th


May is Mental Health month. The last week will be RF’s own Mental Health Week. In the mean time, is there someone that is a positive influence for you and helps you with your mental health?  If there is, nominate them for a chance to win 1 of 5 RF Staples Hoodies. Come to the office to nominate a Mental Health Champion today.