May 15, 2024

May 15th, 2024

May 15, 2024

Today is:

Senior High Day 1

Junior High Day 1

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This is an important message for all of our high school students!  Do you have awesome ideas?  Do you like working with people?  You might be the right person for our Student Union.    Come and see Mrs.Morgan tomorrow for more information.

There will be chips, pop and candy bags for sale for $1.00 per item at lunch on Thursday and Friday!  Look for Mrs. Morgan and her cart! 

► Abreau Oka, Ava Vervynck, Chante Humm, Talia Martinson, Masen Scarnati and Gabby Babiak to the office please

Congrats to everyone who competed in the track and field events yesterday! 

Thank you to our concession ladies, office ladies, teachers and administrators for supporting our junior high track and field events yesterday. 

A big congratulations to our class champions: senior boys-Rylan Thue, senior girls Madison Guenette, Intermediate boys Josh Meinczinger, and intermediate girls Alyssa Krauss. Junior boys Marco Properzi, and junior girls Navelle Lorimer. Please come at lunch to see Mrs. Stevens for your awards and a picture!! May 28th will be divisionals in Barrhead. There will be a meeting at lunch Thursday for anyone planning on attending. 

The school will be having an all school carnival next week Tues May 21. Please bring money if you are interested in purchasing from the 2 food trucks! There will also be other events like, water balloons, putt putt golf course, bag races, popcorn, freezies, ice cream, tug a war, whiffle ball tournament, 3 leg races, puppies, lambs, and so much more fun!! 

► The Cultural Group meeting has been canceled today