Athletics Calendar

The following calendars may be subject to change, including cancellations due to school events or location changes. Please select the activity for more information.

Gym/ Practice Schedule:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A.M. Practice Main Gym          
3:45-5:25 pm Main Gym 7/8 Girls VB 8/9 Boys VB 7/8 Girls VB 8/9 Girls VB  
Small Gym 7/8 Boys VB 8/9 Girls VB 7/8 Boys VB 8/9 Boys VB  
East Field          
5:30-7:00 pm Main Gym JV Boys VB SR Boys VB JV Boys VB SR Girls VB  
Small Gym JV Girls VB SR Girls VB JV Girls VB SR Boys VB  
East Field Football Football Football Football  

Monthly Game Schedule:

Athletic Philosophy

R.F. Staples Secondary School recognizes that extracurricular athletics promotes sportsmanship, team building, good citizenship, high academic standards, and community responsibility.  Extracurricular athletics provide an opportunity for students to explore their unique talents outside of the classroom setting.  These activities demand a high level of commitment, excellence, and self-motivation, which will help prepare students for the challenges they will meet outside the school community.

It is a privilege for students to participate in extracurricular athletics.  Participation is voluntary and is not a requirement, nor an entitlement.  Therefore, extra time and effort are required of those who participate.  Since the reputation of the school is often judged by its extracurricular programs, high standards must be maintained.  Those who earn the privilege of representing RF Staples Secondary School in extracurricular athletics are expected to accept greater responsibilities as school citizens.

Participation in extracurricular athletics is open to all students provided they meet the general requirements as outlined in this handbook, and any requirements specific to the activity of their choice.

For more information about academic and behavioural expectations, please consult the RF Staples Athletic Handbook 2016-17

Program Goals

We are continually striving to improve our athletics program. In order to guide the program development over the next few years, feedback from students, athletes, parents, coaches, and teachers is critical. Please click the link to the athetics survey below to submit your feedback.

Athletics Survey

General Information

RF Staples Athletic Handbook 2016-17

Alberta Schools' Athletic Association (ASAA) Policy Handbook

North Central Zone ASAA Policy Handbook

Academic Performance Tournament Evaluation Form

Academic Performance Monthly Evaluation Form

Click on the team name to access that team's document folder.

2017-18 Fall Teams

Senior Girls Volleyball

Coach: Jay McIntyre

Mary Bokenfohr
Haley Chapotelle
Michaela Craig
Delaiya Dutchak
Jyllian Fairholm
Karis Huppertz
Kaylee Huppertz
Leanne Kohlsmith
Michelle L'Heureux
Kalina MacIntyre
Livia Stutheit

Senior Boys Volleyball

Coach: Kyle Beattie

Carsten Bergeron
Reece Drezzick
Corson Hanlan
Mackenzie Hay
Greg Kaliel
Park Letts
Kieran Michalczuk
Chava Robles-Gonzales
Kaden Wiegand
Jacob Williston

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

Coach: Denise Sturkenboom

Alexa Biro
Kailey Brandl
Megan Campbell
Hailey Jensen
Sarah Kingma
Delaney Lambert
Chloe Parent
Mackenzie Sawchuk
Marissa Sturkenboom
Marissa Tabert


Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball

Coach: Aaron Deas

Max Benham
Dylan Bianchi
Liam Doke
Keenan Fortier
Kole Gibson
Mack Hay
Kolten Latrielle
Durrell Lefevbre
Ty Mitchell
Ethan Vekved

Junior Girls Volleyball

Coach: Leanne Huppertz

Junior Boys Volleyball

Coach: Dean Fagnan


Developmental Girls Volleyball

Coach: Kendall Ducharme

Developmental Boys Volleyball


Cross Country Running

Coaches: Perry Kulmatyski & Kevin MacKenzie



Coach: Derrick Toporowski


Coaches: Jon Kramer, Shayne Frith-Smith, Brett Snell, Matt Juniper, Laine Koshurba, Jesse Plamondon, Dustin Schreiner, Bailey Behan

School Liaison: Jerry Buchko

Deano Allcock
Tie Bakanec
Robert Bokenfohr
Achielle Boraski
Blake Borris
Brady Byvank
Isaac Cairns
Ashton Chartier
Adam Christenson
Quinten Courtepatte
Mason Despins
Drake Forbes
Shayne Gervais
Avery Griffin
Tristin Gross
Jared Hess
Domanic Hewko
Calum Holman
Aidan Huberts
Cameron Johnstone
Riley Johnstone
Matthew Lebeau
Talen Le Clair
Austen Leigh
Cole Littlechilds
Elise Love
Waylon MacDonald
Cole McLaren
Jack Nider
Evan Patriquin
Scott Phillips
Hunter Ricci
Jason Rollison
Brendon Schiewe
Patrick Skuban
Joshua Surcan
Stephen Tkachyk
Brendan Verbeek
Curtis Vesely
Wyatt Victoor
Joseph Wadley
Aidan Walker
Addison Weir
Logan Woods

2016-17 Winter Teams

Senior Boys Basketball

Coaches: Ken Williston

Season Achievements: 3rd in Zone

Josh Lemoine
Jon Burgess
Dalton Greanya
Logan Woods
Parker Maclean
Jacob Williston
Levi Foster
Justin Blais
Bryan Letts
Evan Felstad
Isaac Cairns
Jett Ziehe
Jayden Pidsadowski

Senior Girls Basketball

Coach: Rod Carlyon & Pierre Ouimet

Season Achievements: 3rd in Zone

Madison Hanlan
Maygen Fairholm
Samantha Mann
Arlana Kaliel
Shaye Wiese
Letitia Kenyon
Tara Kozdroski
Brittanie Ouimet
Melissa Sabourin
Samantha Siegle
Brooke Stewart
Haley Chapotelle
Kaylee Benham

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

Coach: Wayne Pidsadowski

Mason Coutu
Chase Campbell
Mackenzy Campbell
Conrad Hegedus
Liam Doke
Devon Hegedus
Ryley Evison
Matthew Lebeau
Dylan Bianchi
Noah Holm
Aiden Walker

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

Coach: n/a


Junior Boys Basketball

Coach: MattiLynn Gatzki

Season Achievements: 1st in Zone

Max Benham
Carsten Bergeron
Durrell Lefebvre
Trace Stewart
Colby Gatzki
Suber Dahir
Parker Blades
Thomas Oloske
Eric Leblanc
Oaklen Smith
Blaize Mensink
Lane Ramey

Junior Girls Basketball

Coach: Margaret Benham

Mary Bokenfohr
Shona Breitkreuz
Delaiya Dutchak
Madison Lunger
Brianna Meston
Kara Rinas
Marissa Sturkenboom
Marissa Tabert
Rees Victoor
Erika Huppertz
Alexa Biro
Chloe Parrent
Denise Greanya
Marlea Seatter

Developmental Boys Basketball

Coach: Colby Gatzki & Ian Glynn

Carson Boulerice
Evan Brost
Seth Fairholm
Darion Higgins
Hunter Holm
Derek McCoy
Ethan Rimmer
Shawn St. Arnaud
Sebastian Toews
Kyle van Dijk
Dustin Volzke

Developmental Girls Basketball

Coach: Leane Buxton

Senior Curling

Coaches: Leanne Huppertz & Anne-Marie Bokenfohr

Season Achievement: Mixed Team - Gold in Zones

Girls: Kelly Tigert, Katie Wiks, Ariana Burke, Kristen Guelly

Boys: Mack Hay, Riley Letts, Brendan Gerig, Colto Dubovsky

Mixed: Karis Huppertz, Lamontt Montgomery, Kaylee Huppertz, Matthew Burchett

Junior Curling

Coaches: Leanne Huppertz & Anne-Marie Bokenfohr




Senior Wrestling

Coach: Meaghan McKenzie

Hannah Grainger
Chantel Neuman
Cooper Raw
Kole Gibson


Junior Wrestling

Coach: Meaghan McKenzie

Jarett Etherington
Jared Lunger
Skye Sekulich
Racheal Higgins

2016-17 Spring Teams

Senior Badminton

Coaches: Jon Radke, Ian Glynn

Junior Badminton

Coaches: Dean Fagnan

Girls Doubles:

Amanda Mcdonal & Avery Creech
Brooke Wolfe & Shona Breitkreuz

Boys Doubles:

Ariel Koenig & Levi Foster
Jett Ziehe & Josh Lemoine (Silver Zones)
Dawson Petryshen & Michael Ashton

Mixed Doubles:

Hannah Grainger & Ryan Bizuns
Cassandra Belanger & Chase Campbell


Aaron Felstad
Bryan Borst
Curtis Vesely
Greg Wallace
Chava Robles-Gonzalez (Silver Zones)
Evan Felstad
Kaylee Benham
Karis Huppertz

Track and Field

Coach: Meaghan McKenzie


Desiree Miller



Kaylee Huppertz
Laurel Taylor
Cody Roberts
Tyler Roberts
Josh Verbeek


Maygen Fairholm
Levi Foster
Tyson Holgate
Bryan Letts
Cameron Taylor
Emily Oloske
Emma Seigle
Nathanael Tabert


Coaching Resources

All coaches must complete a current criminal record check, a vulnerable sector record check, and a concussion course. First Aid/CPR certification is an asset.

Current coaching opportunities:

  • GIRLS - Senir Girls Volleyball Coach (gr. 10 - 12)
  • GIRLS - Junior Varsity (JV) Volleyball Coach (gr. 10 & 11)
  • BOYS - Developmental Volleyball Coach (gr. 7 & 8)
  • GIRLS - Developmental Volleyball Coach (gr. 7 & 8)
  • GIRLS - Junior Varsity (JV) Basketball Coach (gr. 10 & 11)

Coaching Links

For more information or to volunteer as a community coach, please contact the athletic director.

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